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Landscape Maintenance Services Provided
We specialise in the managment of the grounds around blocks of flats and apartments, we can either follow a program of works set out by the client or we set out a maintenance program that ensures that presentation is kept to a high standard which does increase the rentable and sellable value of the properties. 
Also many residents have switched to a managment company that we are contracted to due to the obvious standard of workmanship provided by Reed Landscapes.
Many Landscape Contractors have a limited range of grass cutting machines therefore to cope with large areas takes them a considerable amount of time which increases the costs.
To the supprise of many tenants or owners of commercial properties with large green areas we have been able to lower their maintenance costs, this is due to the large machinery we own enabling us to carry out works much faster, bringing down cost and reducing any disruption due to taking less time. 
Due to the vast amount of new developments mainly by National House Builders in recent years, Reed Landscapes have provided a service for residents who find themselves surrounded by unadoted land which becomes overgrown and can devalue property, we provide a quote for the works and once the residents have agreed to the costs we go to work, regular maintenance has on many occasions been arranged after the initial tidy up, quite often these cost can be passed back to the original developer. We also provide a service for Land Managers and Chartered Surveyors who are responsible for looking after grass verges and public open spaces ect.
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Apartment Blocks & Flats

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In addition to the above Reed Landscapes also provides the following services 


Steep Bank Mowing                                                                            Roadside Verge and Grass Cutting  



Public Open Space Management               Woodland Management                         Hedge Cutting


For Aboricultural Sevices we highly recommend Cardiff Technoscapes:

For any landscaping service you require that you cannot see on our site please use the automated contact box in the contact page and we will reply as soon as possible, thank you.